Jazz and Pop Singing

Faculty Faculty of Jazz and Popular Music
Department Department of Pop and Jazz Singing 
Available degrees Bachelor – 4 years full-time study, 240 ECTS. Master – 2 years full-time study, 120 ECTS.
Curriculum and skills obtained Curriculum and skills obtained

Achievements and awards. The most famous alumni are Iulianna Karaulova, Aleksandra Vorobeva, the winner of The Voice-3 TV project, Olga Siniaeva, a jazz singer, a participant of The Voice-2, Iaroslav Dronov, the finalist of the Factor A-3 and The Voice-3 TV projects, Sardor Milano, the winner of the MAIN STAGE -1 TV project and the finalist of The Voice-5, Artem Kacharian, the finalist of the Factor A-1 and The Voice-1 TV projects, Era Kan, the finalist of The Voice-4 TV project, Veronika Lysakova (the Luna Theater soloist), Ekaterina Murashko (the Soprano Turetsky band soloist).

Teaching staff. The teaching staff members use student-centered and practice-oriented approaches, give creative interactive classes. Training is provided by the outstanding musicians well-known in  Russia and abroad, who successfully combine duties of teachers and performers. The department employs Honored Cultural Workers of the Russian Federation; Honored Artists of the Russian Federation; laureates of all-Russian and international competitions. The teachers organize numerous all-Russian and international competitions and festivals of pop and jazz music, actively participate in various musical projects where students of the academy also perform: The Voice, MAIN STAGE, I Want to Meladze, People’s Artist, New Wave, Slavonic Bazaar, the Eurovision song contest.

Facilities and resources. The Academy has four concert halls. State-of-the-art recording and video equipment ensures high-quality recording of concerts. There are specialized classrooms for individual and practical classes in special disciplines. The library and record library collections are regularly replenished with new editions and audio and video recordings.

Research. The departments actively conduct music research (L. Zorilova, K. Politkovskaya, I. Kazunina, V. Breitburg, etc.). Since 2018 the annual International research and practice conference “Pop and Jazz Art: History, Theory, Practice” has been held.

Education. Students regularly attend concerts of modern outstanding performers, premieres of new compositions, master classes, concerts, the academy teachers’ classes in performance courses, participate in all-Russian and international competitions, undertake teaching, performance and research internships. A high level of students’ professional competence is confirmed by great demand for them in the field of pop and jazz art.

Strategic partners. The academy cooperates with State Music Academy of Pop and Jazz Art, Gershwin Children’s Music School and other children’s music schools and children’s schools of art of Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Institute of Modern Art, Moscow State University of Culture, the Silantiev Academic Large Symphony Orchestra, the State Chamber Orchestra of Jazz Music named after Oleg Lundstrem, the State Jazz Orchestra under the direction of I. Butman, Big Jazz Orchestra conducted by Peter Vostokov, etc.

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