Frequently asked Questions

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Do I need to speak Russian to enter and study at the Academy?

Yes, entrance exams are held in Russian. If your Russian language proficiency is insufficient, you will need to take preparatory courses. For more information please contact Preparatory courses (+7 963 717-15-98 ,

What documents do I need to provide to come to the Academy?

  1. Scanned copy of passport.
  2. Translation of passport into Russian.
  3. Filled in application form.

These documents are accepted at ONLY from the 10th of February to the 30th of June.

All the documents should be attached to ONE e-mail and must be properly SCANNED (photos instead of scans are not accepted!), otherwise the application will not be accepted for further processing.

Visa invitations are issued starting the 1st of June.

What regulations do I need to comply with if I study at the Academy?

Please be advised that you need to comply with the Russian Migration Law.

  1. Foreign citizens arriving in Russia to study (with or without visa) must register with the Migration Service within 7 days of their arrival. Students of the Academy must bring the documents (your passport and migration card) to the  Department for work with foreign students and implementation of preparatory courses (2nd floor, rooms 22,23) within 24 hours of their arrival.
  2. Foreign students living in the Academy’s dormitory will be registered automatically. In case you rent an apartment, you must ask your landlord for registration.
  3. You must have a medical insurance. 
  4. If you need to extend your registration, visa, or leave Russia for a certain period of time you need to notify the Department for work with foreign students and implementation of preparatory courses at least 30 days in advance.

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Does the Academy provide international students with accommodation?

Yes, the Academy has a dormitory with a limited number of places. The accommodation fee is set by the Academy.

Students who live in the dormitory must follow certain rules.

Do the Preparatory courses guarantee my entering to the Academy?

No. The Preparatory courses don’t guarantee your entering to the Academy.

How does the Academy provide education during restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic?

During pandemic restrictions the Acdemy provides education using Google Classroom platform for all foreign students who can’t enter the Russian Federation to study. All lessons are held in Russian.

What equipment is needed for classes?

For training, the student needs a personal computer connected to the Internet. The Internet speed should be at least 1 MGB per second. The computer must be equipped with a web camera, speakers and microphone, because the educational process includes webinars and audio courses.
Also, we recommend using the following browsers: Google Chrome version 55 and higher, Mozilla Firefox 36.0 and higher, Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher. To view video and audio content, you must install Adobe ® Flash ® Player software version 25 or higher on your computer. To view materials in PDF format, you must install the Acrobat Reader DC software. To send and download archive files, you must install the WinRar, 7ZIP software.

When can I start my classes ?

After confirmation of payment of your education at the Academy, we create for you an e-mail with domain (based on gmail). You can access your classes via Google Classroom by entering a specific classroom code. If you need any assistance, please contact