Online services & e-learning

Free Wi-Fi zone within the Academy facilities:
Network: GnesinFree ; Password: GA2022NDJ

Free Wi-Fi zone within the Musical College of Pop and Jazz Art facilities:
Network: JAZZ ; Password: 12345678

Corporate e-mail address

The Academy provides each student with a corporate e-mail address for the period of study at the Academy. The e-mail address is used to send official data to students by the Academy staff. It is also used to access different online services provided by the Academy. Therefore, you have to check your corporate e-mail box daily.

You can get your corporate e-mail address at your faculty Dean’s office/Academic Department of the Colleges.

Set up a backup e-mail address and phone number to recover your password, if you lose it. For additional support, please, contact

Apart from corporate e-mail address, you can also get access to the student personal account at The portal is used to accompany your studies as well as to form your personal portfilio of accomplishments. The login is your full name, while you can get the password at the Dean’s office. Remember to change your password when you log in for the first time.


GOOGLE CLASSROOM is an education platform that connects all participants during the educational process. Professors deliver online lectures and upload teaching materials, class assignments and test works, while students upload their homework.
You can log into the GOOGLE CLASSROOM using your corporate e-mail address and password (if you lose your password, please, contact
To attend online lectures, you must have a speaker, microphone and camera (the use of a laptop or a computer is encouraged). If you have any problems with you online classes, please contact

Brief instructions on connecting to online lessons:

1. To join a course you need a unique code. The course code can be obtained from the teacher of the discipline, as well as in the TABLE*. (*viewing is available only from the account. DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS TO THE TABLE. Log in to your email instead to view the table).

2. To join the course, log in to Google Classroom using your account and password in the domain. Click on the + icon in the upper right corner of the service. Click “Join” and enter a unique course code. You have been added to the course.

3. To connect to an online lecture, click on the “Join” button on the left side of the screen inside the course or click on the “Camera” icon in the mobile application. Check the operation of the speaker, microphone and camera.

You will not have access to online lectures and course materials unless you are logged into your account. When you follow the link to view the lecture recording, make sure you are logged into your account.

Note! A professor has the right to demand that the camera be turned on during an online lesson. The distance education process is subject to a special regulation. Online lecture attendance is TRACKED. If you cannot join the required course, contact the teacher or the dean’s office.

Online library services

Students of the Academy have access to the local library and ELS through the local computer network . The Academy also offers free Wi-Fi network with access to all ELS.

Learn more about Library

Links to electronic library systems:

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