Welcome to Gnesin Russian Academy of Music


Dear foreign students! Please be informed that for all students who are not able to come to Russia due to COVID-19 restrictions the educational process is organized via e-learning platfom Google for Education. You MUST be registered in the @gnesin-academy.ru domain to access the courses! All lessons are held in Russian! If you have any questions concerning access to e-learning platform contact Department for work with foreign students and implementation of preparatory courses (+7 495 691-24-96, indekanat@gnesin-academy.ru) or Distant Learning Administrator (distant@gnesin-academy.ru).

Entrance exams and courses are held in Russian!  If your Russian language proficiency is insufficient, you will need to take preparatory courses. For more information please contact Preparatory courses (+7 963 717-15-98 inpodotdel@gnesin-academy.ru)

New tutition fees are established for students entering the Academy in 2020. More

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The Gnesin Russian Academy of Music is a unique and dynamic organization that brings together all three levels of the Russian educational system – primary school, secondary professional education, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Being the leading music educational institution of Russia, the Academy offers nearly 100 programs involving practically all fields of music and performing arts.

The Academy offers professional training for instrumental performers, conductors, classical and folk singers, composers, sound engineers, producers, musicologists and other specialists, as well as doctorate programs.

Since its foundation in 1895, the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music implements the unique educational approach created by the Gnesin family, which has grown into a renowned set of traditions. The Academy strongly relies on these traditions and at the same time strives to be on the cutting edge of current trends in education.