Bayan and Accordion

Faculty Faculty of Folk Instruments 
Department Department of Bayan and Accordion 
Available degrees Bachelor – 4 years full-time study, 240 ECTS. Master – 2 years full-time study, 120 ECTS.  Specialist (BA+MA equivalent) – 5 years full-time study, 300 ECTS.  Assistantship – 2 years full-time study, 132 ECTS.
Curriculum and skills obtained Curriculum and skills obtained Curriculum and skills obtained Curriculum and skills obtained:

Awards and achievements. Most students are laureates of prestigious all-Russian and international bayan and accordion competitions. Graduates are members of recognized Russian orchestras and ensembles, concert and philharmonic and scientific methodological associations, teach at music education institutions of all levels and direct on-stage performance groups in Russia and abroad. Alumnus I.I. Purits (bayan) is a brilliant representative of the Russian performing school, he cooperates with many leading Russian and foreign on-stage performance groups.

Teaching staff. The teachers use student-centered and practice-oriented approaches, give creative interactive classes. The department employs world-famous musicians, leading specialists in the field of bayan and accordion performance. The teaching staff includes  People’s Artists of the RF, Honored Artists of the RF, Honored Art Workers of the RF, Honored Cultural Workers of the RF, Doctor of Arts and PhDs. The department is headed by F. Lips, People’s Artist of the RF, Professor, a laureate of the Moscow Art Award, Professor Emeritus of the Royal Academy of Music in London, a visiting professor at Tianjin Conservatory of Music (China) and the Academy of Music in Pula (Croatia).

Strategic partners. The Osipov National Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, the Nekrasov Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra, the Rossiya State Russian Folk Ensemble named after Ludmila Zykina, the Orchestra of the Pyatnitsky Russian Folk Choir, the Orchestra of the Igor Moiseyev State Academic Ensemble of Folk Dance, the Boyan Russian State Concert Orchestra, the Song and Dance Ensemble of the National Guard of the RF, the Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army, etc.

Facilities and resources. Specially equipped classrooms for individual and practical classes in special disciplines, the library and record library collections that are regularly replenished, eight concert halls fitted with state-of-the-art recording and video equipment that ensures high-quality recording of concerts.

Opportunities for students. The department actively conducts research on bayan and accordion teaching and performance. Students perform research and methodological activities in regards to folk instrumental art, musical performance and pedagogy, annually participate in public concerts, music competitions and festivals, perform eventful concert activities. 

Employment prospects. The rate of employment within a degree field is 100%. Possible job positions: solo performer, collaborative player (ensemble, orchestra), educator of professional courses in the field of musical and instrumental art, head of structural units at cultural institutions, musical art researcher.

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