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The Academy has the necessary equipment and technical base for the implementation of the educational process that fully meet the requirements of syllabuses. The Academy is based in four buildings suitable for educational and scientific activities; there is also a student dormitory in a separate building assigned to the Academy.

Student dormitory contacts:

  • Director: Dmitry V. Slyozkin
  • Tel.:  +7 (499) 195-34-67 / +7 499 195-44-08 / +7 499 195-32-17
  • E-mail:
  • Location: 1st floor, 30-36, Povarskaya Street, Moscow, 121069, Russia

The accommodation fee is set by the Academy. Students who live in the dormitory must follow certain rules.

Places in the dormitory are limited and provided for the entire period of study for students studying on a budgetary basis. For more information please consult Department for work with foreign students and implementation of preparatory programs. If you study on a paid basis, the accommodation in a dormitory is possible, but not guaranteed.

Student Dormitory

The Academy has created and is constantly improving the environment for students’ autonomous studies and research work. The library services take into account the specifics of reading materials and imply a differentiated approach to the reader. The previously introduced new system of individual library services for students is expanding with introduction of new components: e-mailing; constant updating of the library’s electronic catalogue, which is fully available through the local network of the Academy; new modules “Book Supply” and search engine “Discovery”. Within the framework of cooperation with Russian Foundation for Basic Research students and teaching staff of the Academy have free unlimited access to the information platform of “Elsevier” publishing house (full–text database ScienceDirect – the leading information platform for scientists, teachers, students, specialists, which contains 25% of the world’s scientific publications).


The educational process is fully provided with educational and methodical resources and learning materials f or all practical training courses and disciplines. The main source of learning and methodical information is the library fund of the Academy and electronic library systems (ELS). The library fund contains educational, methodical and scientific literature, audiovisual and electronic documents, printed and electronic editions of educational literature, as well as publications of musical works, textbooks, scores, claviers, multimedia materials.. A significant part of it constitutes the most complete collection of publications of Russian and foreign musical art works.

The implementation of educational programs is based on the principle that each student has access to all library information resources (through a personal account in electronic informational and educational environment (EIEE)) that contain materials for studied disciplines and are formed by concluding direct contracts with copyright holders of educational, methodical and other literature. These ELS are: “University library online” –; ELS “Publishing house “LAN” – (allows to publish FQW by the Academy graduates and provides special opportunities for individuals with disabilities); Publishing house “YURAIT” –”. The number of users in all ELS is unlimited. ELS used by the Academy fully comply with the requirements of HEFSS.

Library Contacts:

  • Director: Vera V. Inkatova
  • Tel.:  +7 (495) 691-56-62 / +7 (495) 697-64-96
  • E-mail:
  • Location: 1st floor, 30-36, Povarskaya Street, Moscow, 121069, Russia
  • Reading room: 5th floor, 30-36, Povarskaya Street, Moscow, 121069, Russia
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00 (mon-fri)
    10:00 – 18:00 (sat)

The level of educational equipment meets the requirements of the HEFSS. The Academy has a large set of musical instruments: more than 80 types with more than 800 instruments available for use and suitable for persons with disabilities. Educational and training facilities have the necessary equipment, including video projection and sound amplifying equipment, computers, a library and collections of video/audio footage and much more.

The classrooms available in the academic buildings comprise:

  • classes for individual studies, including those with special equipment or musical instruments installed in them;
  • classes for small groups (up to 15 seats);
  • classes for lectures (up to 30 seats), including specialized computer classes equipped with computers, acoustic consoles, CD players, sound processors;
  • auditoriums (up to 50 seats), including those for special needs: a class for orchestral rehearsals, dance hall, etc.;
  • large auditoriums (up to 100 seats) for lectures and rehearsals of music ensembles;
  • Large and Small concert halls (503 and 100 seats), Shuvalova’s Music room (100 seats), Chamber hall (50 seats), Organ concert room (50 seats);
  • two concert halls with 312 seats and 120 seats in the College building;
  • language laboratory;
  • reading room;
  • audio-video recording laboratory;
  • canteen;
  • sports hall and gym.

Sports hall

Student canteen

The equipment and technical base is constantly updated as part of the long-term financial plan of the Academy available for review on the official website.

Students of the Academy have access to the local library and ELS through the local computer network . The Academy also offers free Wi-Fi network with access to all ELS.

Large concert hall

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