BA, MA programs: Russian Folk Orchestra Conducting

Achievements and awards. The educational program successfully underwent professional-public accreditation. Students of the department enrolled in the Russian Folk Orchestra Conducting program regularly participate in and become laureates and diploma winners of international and all-Russian competitions: the All-Russian Competition for Conductors named after V.Dudarova (Moscow), the International Competition for Conductors “The Kama Region” (2016, 2017, 2018, Perm), the All-Russian Competition for Conductors of Symphony Orchestra (Kostroma), the International Children and Youth Musical Festival “Moscow Sounds,” the All-Russian Contest of Children and Youth Creativity “Musical Olympus,” the All-Russian Contest of Youth Wind Orchestras “Viva, Student.”

Teaching staff. Students are trained by six Professors, seven Associate Professors, five Candidates of Sciences, two People’s Artists of the Russian Federation, two Honored Artists of the Russian Federation, one Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, one Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation, one Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Conductors do practical training in student ensembles such as the Academy Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments (artistic director Professor B.S. Voron) and the Orchestra of Wind Instruments (artistic director Professor V.R. Khudolei).

Facilities and resources. The academy has all the necessary training facilities and resources to ensure high quality of the educational process: technical equipment and instruments, a sufficient number of educational materials, computers, a reading hall, a good library and a record library related to the educational program that are regularly replenished with new editions and audio and video recordings.

Strategic partners. The department closely cooperates with the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments named after N.N. Nekrasov, the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Russia named after N.P. Osipov, the State Academic Orchestra of Soloists “Russian Patterns,” the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of the Belgorod State Philharmonic Society, with the Tula Municipal Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments “Yasnaya Poliana.” Since 2013 the academy has been maintaining professional contacts with University of Georgia and Higher School of Music of University of Georgia (Athens, the USA). The department cooperates with the Orchestra of Ethnic Musical Instruments named after the People’s Artist of Belarus L.Ivanov (Belarus), the Sogdiana Uzbek Chamber Folk Orchestra (Uzbekistan).