BA, MA programs: Choral Conducting

Achievements and awards. The Gold Diploma (the first place) and the grand-prix of the 29th International Franz Schubert Competition (Austria, Vienna) in the category of Chamber Choral Performance; the Gold Diploma (the first place) of the International Johannes Brahms Competition (Wernigerode, Germany), the Gold medal of the X World Choir Games in South Africa (Pretoria). The program successfully underwent professional-public accreditation.

Teaching staff. High-quality training of students is provided by the proficient teaching staff including nine Professors, five Associate Professors, five Candidates of Sciences, one People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, two Honored Art Workers of the Russian Federation, two Honored Workers of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, laureates of all-Russian and international competitions.

Facilities and resources. The academy has all the necessary training facilities and resources to ensure high quality of the educational process: technical equipment and instruments, a sufficient number of educational materials, computers, a reading hall, a good library and a record library that are regularly replenished with new editions and audio and video recordings.

Education. Teaching internship is undertaken in cooperation with educational institutions of Moscow (Moscow State Institute of Music named after A.G. Schnittke, GnesinsMusicalCollege) where students consolidate the acquired knowledge and develop teaching skills. Senior students undertake their performance (passive) internship in the Yurlov Russian State Choir under the direction of Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, Professor G.A. Dmitriak. Students acquire scientific work experience participating in research activities of the department hosting scientific and practical conferences, seminars devoted to choral art and art of conducting, art history, musical pedagogy and artistic performance.

The Department of Choral Conducting boasts well-developed student science. All important events in choral art of Moscow and GnesinsRussianAcademy of Music are covered in monthly news releases. Besides, the department holds Moscow and all-Russian interuniversity student scientific conferences devoted to various pedagogical and performance issues, with mandatory publication of a collection of conference articles. The main topic is “Choral Music Today: the Dialogue Between Science and Practice.”

Strategic partners. The department closely cooperates with the the Yurlov Russian State Choir, the Moscow Musical Theater Helikon-Opera, the Novaya Opera Theater, the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, the State Chapel of Moscow named after V.A. Sudakov.